Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Multiple BI Publisher on a server and its URL change

Building on the concept of changing files in the war (web archive) and hosting multiple applications, we will now try to host multiple BI Publisher applications on the same server. This process of changing files in war package and deploying it has been discussed in the following post

The process described below will help in having 2 different security mechanisms, different schedulers etc. but this system can only be used in case of web servers which do not have to cater to a lot of requests. Again this process can be used if we intend to change the default URL of BI Publisher.

BI Publisher is a J2EE application and like all other J2EE applications the process of deploying this application involves deploying a .ear (enterprise archive) package on the web server. The package that we are dealing with in case of BI Publisher is xmlpserver.ear. This package contains all the code for the BI Publisher application and is located in <OracleBIHome>\OracleBI\xmlp

Now starts the process

1.       Unzip the xmlpserver.ear file with any of the unzipping tools like winzip etc
2.       You would find a file called xmlpserver.war. Extract this file and note the directory structure. It is important to keep a track of the directory in which this file is extracted. The command to make a war package out of the edited files depends on the path from which it is executed.
a.       I have extracted the original xmlpserver.war package in the following directory
3.       You would find xmlp-server-config.xml file in E:\OracleBusinessIntelligenceEnterproseEdition\OracleBI\xmlp\new\WEB-INF path.
Edit this file and enter the repository path in the ‘file path’ tag.
Unedited file would have the following value
Below is the edited version of this file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xmlpConfig xmlns="">
<file path="E:\OracleBusinessIntelligenceEnterproseEdition\OracleBI\xmlp\XMLP"/>

Elaborate discussion on this topic can be found in the following post
4.       The next thing is to form a war package out of these edited files. I executed the following command in the path: E:\OracleBusinessIntelligenceEnterproseEdition\OracleBI\xmlp
jar -cf BIP.war –C new .
Here BIP.war can be any name which u like. The dot in the end means that we intend to put all the files and sub directories of the current directory in the war package

5.       Now pick this newly formed war package file and deploy it in the web server as discussed in the following article

The thing that you put in the context root will appear in your final URL
I had followed the process above and deployed BIP.war with the context root as ‘bipublisher’. Below is the screen shot

Below is the screenshot of original BI Publisher application

It is important to note that both the applications are installed on the same we server (Same ip and port)

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