Monday, 28 May 2018

Variable names starting with numbers

The long weekend gave me the chance to finally write a blog post. I will try my best to be more frequent with posting new content.

This blog is going to be short one. We had multiple projects running and we had to design a way why which each project can easily identify their variables. We decided to name our session variables after our short project codes.

My project code was "1ADM" and OBIEE didn't like it when I used the varaibles whose names started with numbers.

While we dont get errors while creating the session variables starting with numbers in the RPD, we get the error when we try to use them in the catalog.

The following is the error message.

The Solution: Simple, just enclose the name of the variable in double quotes like below.

I haven't tested this with repository variables yet but the same solution should work for repository variables starting with numbers as well.

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