Saturday, 19 July 2014

Using BIP parameters in OBIEE dashboards without creating prompts

This is a simple trick that presents the process to have a parametrized BIP report in OBIEE without the need to create new prompts in OBIEE.


1. Edit the dashboard and drag Embedded Content in an OBIEE dashboard section.

2. Put the following URL in the Embedded Content Properties
http://<OBIEE presentration server>:<OBIEE presentation server port>/xmlpserver/<BIP report xdo file path starting from shared folders>?&_xmode=2

For example,

http://<OBIEE presentration server>:<OBIEE presentation server port>/xmlpserver/Supply+Chain/Item+attributes.xdo?&_xmode=2

Here Supply Chain is right under my Shared Folders in the catalog. Note that spaces in the file path are replaced by +.

_xmode=2 hides the BI Publisher Banner. This makes sure that the BIP report in the dashboard starts from the parameters part and everything above it disappears.

Check out the following link to find other values of _xmode

The output of this exercise looks like the following.

Note that, in my environment, both BIP and OBIEE use the same authentication system.

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Pav said...

Brilliant!Thank you!